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Tony HowardI had my first astrology reading at 16 and have been hooked ever since. I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Colorado with a B.A. in history and film. After successful careers in magazine publishing and somatic healing, I became a professional astrologer. I’d always planned on going into astrology as a retirement career, but my midlife transits led me to follow this dream sooner than later.

My first and still main astrology mentor is Steven Forrest. Steven’s teaching forms the basis of my work, and my clients consistently experience it profoundly. But Mercury is the strongest planet in my chart, and I love studying with many teachers. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from Richard Tarnas, Caroline Casey, Demetra George, Erin Sullivan, and Rob Hand, and I feel blessed to be involved in such a rich and endlessly fascinating field in which I’m always inspired.

In 2009 I built FindAnAstrologer.com, the first interactive searchable astrologer database. I love doing interviews, and have filmed and produced several video interviews with prominent astrologers, which I share on my website. I’ve also had 2 of my written interviews published in The Mountain Astrologer.

In October of 2011 I launched Raven Dreams Press, which edited and published Mark Jones’ first astrology book. In 2012 I launched AstrologyUniversity.com, which provides a unique online resource for the study of astrology including live webinars and self-study courses.

In 2012 I contributed a chapter to the astrology anthology Astrology: The New Generation. My chapter is titled "Pluto in Libra and Scorpio: Generations Transforming Relationship."

I would like to thank all of my mentors, past, present, and future, for lighting the way forward and would like to express humble gratitude that I am able to live a life doing what I love.

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Astrology the New Generation by Tony Howard
I contributed a chapter to the new anthology Astrology: The New Generation. You can pick up a copy here in my store or on Amazon.