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What is Archetypal Astrology?

Astrology is a vast subject with a colorful history and many styles, techniques and disciplines. The term Archetypal Astrology is being used by many modern astrologers. The term carries the seed teaching that astrology in itself cannot unlock the code to some secret rulebook you can then use to navigate your life with 100% success. Instead, astrology offers us a way to engage with life in a way that reanimates ideas and values that were lost long ago, when we started using our minds a lot more and our hearts a lot less. The more we followed that path, the closer we got to apathy and existential angst. But astrology is a remedy for such ailments - because it shows us that our world does indeed include grace, magic, and artful order. Archetypal Astrology is a tool to be able to perceive this order, and thus heal our disconnection from the source.

What is Evolutionary Astrology?

Evolutionary Astrology holds the premise that we have all incarnated with a past, and that as we face the effects of actions we initiated before we were born, we can exercise free will to make changes, to grow, and to evolve. This is a welcome modern perspective because astrology's history is filled with deterministic astrologers whose predictions were delivered with a certainty that must have felt like a final verdict delivered by judge and jury. Thankfully we do have free will, and no astrologer can tell us what will definitely happen in our future. We can always grow and change, and work with our "fate" to create new situations, new possibilities and new opportunities.

About Tony

Tony HowardI had my first astrology reading at 16 and have been hooked ever since. I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Colorado with a B.A. in history and film. After successful careers in magazine publishing and somatic healing, I added professional astrologer to my resume.

I completed the Steven Forrest Astrologer Apprentice program in 2009. Steven’s teaching comprises the foundation of my work, and my clients consistently experience it profoundly. Mercury is the strongest planet in my chart, and I love continuing to learn more, do research and teach. I'm grateful to the many astrologers I've studied with including Richard Tarnas, Caroline Casey, Demetra George, and Rob Hand. I'm blessed to have found such a rich and endlessly fascinating field in which I’m always inspired.

In 2009 I built FindAnAstrologer.com, the first interactive searchable astrologer database. I have filmed and produced several video interviews with prominent astrologers, which I share on my Youtube channel. My articles and interviews have been published in The Mountain Astrologer magazine.

In October of 2011 I launched Raven Dreams Press, and published Mark Jones’ first astrology book. In 2012 I launched AstrologyUniversity.com, which provides online astrology webinars, classes and recordings.

In 2012 I contributed a chapter to the astrology anthology Astrology: The New Generation . My chapter is titled "Pluto in Libra and Scorpio: Generations Transforming Relationship."

I would like to thank all of my mentors, past, present, and future, for lighting the way forward and would like to express humble gratitude that I am able to live a life doing what I love.