Thanks for your interest in my work. I am not currently offering readings or accepting new clients, due to my writing schedule.

You can search for an astrologer at, or using Steven Forrest's list of astrologers he has personally trained.

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About My Readings

The astrological symbols are containers for a vast array of potentials. Together we look at your chart to gain insight into how these potentials are unfolding in your life, and what that means.

I approach a reading as a guide, helping you connect with astrological symbols as a way to perceive your connection to all that is, and to navigate your circumstance with deeper awareness of underlying motivations, drives and evolutionary needs. Our reading is a dialogue in which I help you identify the astrological archetypes at work. Once identified, you can begin to work more intentionally with the energies, feeling more empowered and connected.

Why Past Lives?

I will sometimes refer the concept of past lives in your reading. However, you don't need to believe in past lives for a past-life astrology reading to have a profound effect. Using past lives as a metaphor is extremely powerful, as the information synthesized during the reading will help reveal unconscious motivations and impulses within your psyche - the kinds of compulsive, repetitive feelings you might have that are hard to explain, or hard to find reasons for. Creating a story about these dynamics in the form of possible past life scenarios brings this energy into a tangible form. These dynamics are already inside you. You are already aware of drives you have that you don't seem to be in control of, or situations that repeat in your life even though you try hard to change them. By using the birth chart to create stories about these dynamics, we gain a powerful tool we can use to effect change in our lives. For some this can mean the difference between feeling "at the mercy of fate" and "in an participatory process of co-creation with all that is".

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Astrology the New Generation by Tony Howard
I contributed a chapter to the new anthology Astrology: The New Generation. You can pick up a copy here in my store or on Amazon.