I started preparing for this trip at the beginning of November when you mentioned the transits that were coming up for me; I worked with the energies being presented in advance and did a lot of work in advance to align myself, and I learned through this experience that 1. I can change my future reality with enough foresight from a good astrologer, and 2. I got so much more out of the visit as a result. It is not without conscious effort to arrive at where I am, but it is amazing to work with astrological insights in a conscious manner and to watch myself produce a totally different outcome as a result. Results are important, it does come down to having a smoother ride in life and I was much more in control of what is happening to me on my trip than going back to a familiar place holding the intensity inside. It all turned out extremely positive, I need to have a virtual high five with you, it was good work on both of our parts! If everybody can work with their charts as consciously as we do, we will have a happy planet in one year.


Thanks, Tony. I really enjoyed the reading and found the past life information enormously helpful. I've been bringing the intention of connecting with past lives even more into my daily spirit guide ritual and it's proving to be a postive experience. These are challenging places to visit, but each time I do so I feel a huge weight lift off of me when I'm able to, with the help of my guides, give this pain and suffering over to the light. I really appreciate that you were able to clarify the past life stuff for me. It made so much sense with how seriously I take life and how hard it is sometimes for me to feel joy despite the wonderful things happening in my present life. I feel confident my work on past life recall will make a huge difference moving forward. Thanks again!


Thanks so much for the reading you did for me, it really helps me to understand more about my life and some of the past life aspects. Thanks again for all of your insights.


Thanks again for a very illuminating session the other day. It was truly an eye-opening experience.


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